Check out all that Kid’s Expo 2017 has to offer!

As you are watching this short video, just imagine yourself in the thick of it, at the center of the fun. Now, picture the venue THREE TIMES LARGER than what you are envisioning! For this years Kid’s Expo, we have tripled the size of our Schaumburg location. This will give you THREE TIMES the room to explore, play and meet with the vendors!

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  1. Hello KidsExpo!

    My name is Jesse Cromley, and I am a Demo Coordinator at Asmodee North America, a board/card game company. I am emailing as to inquire about getting a spot at your event to demonstrate some of our children/family games. We wouldn’t be selling our games at the event, we would just want to come in and provide some extra entertainment for kids and their parents! We’d be demo-ing some of our favorites, including Spot It, Dixit, and Camel Up to all of the Expo attendees.

    For exhibitors that aren’t selling anything at the expo, is the price still the same amount? We are very interested in attending, but because we aren’t technically a vendor, the price seems as if it wouldn’t match up with our budget.

    I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you!

    • Hello Jesse, I have forwarded you info and inquiry to the person to ask. She will be getting back to you shortly.

      Thank you.

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